Is The Book Always Better Than The Film?

Hi! You guys may or may not know that I’m studying English Lit at University. Today in class we were talking about adaptations of literature, specifically movie or tv adaptations of books, and since I’m not really confident enough to speak up in class I figured I’d share my thoughts with you here – if you don’t mind.

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Hello 2018!

Hi, It’s been a hot minute since I sat down and wrote a blog post so please forgive me if I’m a wee bit rusty.

I’m not usually someone who gets really excited about the new year and makes a list of resolutions to stick to but… I feel like I’ve been making positive changes to my life for the past few months and could stand to make a few more. So, as its New Years Eve, I figured I might as well call them resolutions for 2018.

Here goes.

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The Only Thing.

Hi, Hello, How are ya?

Today I’m feeling grateful for mothers, specifically my mum. The reason for this is because, put simply, she refuses to give up on me and I can’t ever repay her for that. That won’t stop me trying though. Lately I feel like it’s best to repay her by proving her right, that I am in fact the most talented, beautiful, precious angel the world has ever been blessed with – as you can probably tell, my progress is slow considering I am just a small hobbit bashing keys trying to make a semi-literate sentence. Anyway, as usual the thing I ended up writing is extremely depressing and bleak so I’d recommend that if you’re sensitive to things like that, you should pass on this. Rest assured that I’m half-way to okay so there’s no real risk, contrary to what this poem would have you believe.  What’s the point in having black moods if you can’t draw on them and make them into a little piece of prose huh? Am I right or am I right. If you do happen to enjoy the dark stuff and like this post please do let me know by, y’know, liking it!

Until next time,


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Sunshine Smiles

First off, I know the title and entire poem are cheesy to the extreme, ok? This is something that I know. But, I’m going to post it anyway because sometimes life needs cheesy stuff to make all the terrible things (like Trump) a little less terrible. Now I sound like I think my sh*tty poem is going to make Trump better (IMPEACH HIM) so I’m just going to shut up and let you read the dumb thing. Enjoy!

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Someone New.

Hey guys,

sorry I’ve been silent for so long; it’s been a rough few weeks. I haven’t been in the best space lately but I’m finally getting out of my brain funk and getting my life back on track  – hooray! Quick life update: I have a job interview at Edinburgh Zoo on Tuesday and I am so excited! Working there would be an absolute dream so fingers crossed (eeek). Also, as I’m sure you can gather from this poem I’m currently going through a break up (Again.. but it’s with the same person as before so it’s not as bad right? right). Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this excerpt of my brain and tell me what you think in the comments below.


Eilidh x

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Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it was my 18th birthday last week and things have been pretty hectic to say the least. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short story, it’s a bit rough around the edges because not enough time has passed for me to properly process and get my thoughts in order yet but hopefully by writing this out I’ll be able to untangle them all and make some sense of the situation haha.

Happy Reading!

Eilidh x

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